About Us

About the Gilbert district_bldgEducation Foundation

Over the past ten years, GEF has contributed $500,000.00 to students, staff and programs in Gilbert Public Schools. We have enabled 1000’s of students to benefit from innovative programs funded by teacher grants. We have helped many graduating seniors through our Senior Scholarship program. In addition, we also distribute social services though United Way giving. The Gilbert Education Foundation is a 501(c)3.

Who We Benefit

GPS enrolls over 38,000 students and employs more than 5,000 people. It is the largest employer in the Town of Gilbert. So, we not only benefit students, but our impact stretches deep into the community to all whom live and work in Gilbert.

  • We provide Senior Scholarships to GPS graduates that enable students to attend College.
  • We provide scholarships for GPS educators to improve their skills and put those skills right back into students of GPS.
  • We partner with the Valley of Sun United Way to provide social services to at risk families within the district.
  • We promote community engagement and volunteerism through our Varsity Letter in Volunteerism program
  • We support technology in the classroom and STEM education projects and curriculum

GEF Executive Board


Theresa Dootson, Executive Dir.


President:  Brian Traub, Orbital ATK


VP Deb Carr, Community Representative


Secretary:  Alicia Holmes, United Way


Treasurer Brenda Griesemer, Ernst and Young CPA