Varsity Letter

Our varsity Letter program encourages GPS students to volunteer throughout the valley, which aligns with our foundation goals to build a stronger community.

Each year, the Gilbert Education Foundation along with the Gilbert Public Schools will recognize and reward students for their volunteer efforts in the community. Students who volunteers 200 or more hours of service can earn their high school varsity letter in volunteerism.  This provides an avenue for student to earn a letter other than through academics or athletics and gives them valuable experiences.

Hours can be accumulated throughout all four years of high school (as long as you were a GPS student all years). For every 200 hours served you can apply annually and receive a Varsity Letter (first year) or a pin for subsequent years.  Your hours can start counting from the first day after you complete the 8th grade – (the summer prior to the first day of your freshman year).


  • Be a student in grades 9-12 in a Gilbert Public Schools
  • Complete at least 200 hours of verified volunteer hours.
  • Must have at least 50 hours of non-school related volunteering (i.e. a nonprofit or civic service setting)
  • Must have at least one school related activity (no hour requirement)
  • All volunteer activities must be able to be verified, contact information for verification must be included on the volunteer verification form.
  • Meet the 2.5 GPA requirement (must attach current transcript to application does not need to be official).
  • Applications must be submitted online on or before 3/9/18 through the link below.

If you have questions please email to: (subject line:  Varsity Letter Question) or call (480) 239-5117.

Important Dates

CLOSES:  3/9/2020