Varsity Letter

2016-2017 Varsity Letter in Volunteerism Awardees

Campo Verde High School

  • Carl Canter
  • Lexi Lines
  • Dehring Marks
  • Briana Herrera

Desert Ridge High School

  • Kaitlynn Criswell
  • Taylor Dilger
  • Nathan Howard
  • Cheyanne Jones
  • Kaylor Jones
  • Evangelina Pena
  • Carlie Tuss

Gilbert High School

  • Adailyn Call
  • Christian Jackson
  • Katherine Lopez

Highland High School

  • Samantha Bishop
  • Kylie Cottrell

Mesquite High School

  • Prescott Gosz
  • K.J. Nguyen
  • Zachary Rosoff
  • Matthew

Here is another great resource where students can find all kinds of great volunteer opportunities

Varsity Letter in Volunteerism Program

Each year, the Gilbert Education Foundation along with the Gilbert Public Schools will recognize and reward students for their volunteer efforts in the community. Students who volunteers 200 or more hours of service can earn their high school varsity letter, the same as those earned by athletes, academics and musicians.

The hours can be accumulated throughout all four years of high school (as long as you were a GPS student all years). For every 200 hours served you can apply annually and receive a Varsity Letter (first year) or a pin for subsequent years.

Download the Varsity Letter Overview and Application by clicking here


  • Be a student in grades 9-12 in a Gilbert Public Schools
  • Complete at least 200 hours of verified volunteer hours.
  • Must have at least 50 hours of non-school related volunteering (i.e. a nonprofit or civic service setting)
  • Must have at least one school related activity (no hour requirement)
  • All volunteer activities must be verified and signed off on volunteer verification form.
  • Meet the 2.5 GPA requirement
  • Applications must be emailed on or before 3/27/17 to or postmarked on or before 3/27/17 and mailed to:  Varsity Letter / GEF / P.O. Box 2461, Gilbert, AZ  85299

If you have questions please email to: or call (480) 239-5117.